360 feedback: Why coming full-circle is a great way to evaluate employees

Annual, top-down performance reviews no longer cut it. What managers and employees really want is full, 360-degree feedback, where everyone’s opinion can be heard.

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Why you need workplace trust and transparency in your business culture

In order to flourish in your company, employees need to see that openness and transparency is prevalent in your organisation. That doesn’t mean they need to know every detail so getting it right can be complex which is why it’s one of the key leadership issues of the [...]

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The Essential Guide to Reducing Basic HR Headaches

Reducing HR headaches is a must for any business to ensure you and your teams can get on with what's important to your business without worrying about compliance, right to work documentation, reporting, unexplained absence or who's accessing sensitive data. Check out [...]

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Integrating your HR Software with Office 365: The combination you can’t do without

Improving productivity on mundane, but necessary, HR admin is the ‘holy grail’ of businesses worldwide. Being able to save valuable time leaves company executives and managers better able to focus on what’s important to business success; namely their jobs. Software [...]

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Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet: Watch our video tips for improving employee engagement

Our video details some common issues with unengaged employees and how you can update your processes to fix them.

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Why the best customer experience strategies start with the employee experience

Customer experience reigns, yes? Yes. The way you go about getting this right is by looking at your employee experience first…

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Driving the Employee Journey

Navigating the employee journey needn't be a complex task. Check out our infographic where we've outlined some of the key pit-stops when driving your employee journey.

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Should you be saying 'Yes' or 'No' to Unlimited P.T.O?

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Are you ready for Gen Z?

Generation Z, also known as the iGen, are entering the workforce. Are you prepared?

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Will 2020 be your year of greater vision?

At this time of year, all business owners are thinking about what the New Year could bring. Make the unknown more known though with a renewed focus on performance and objective setting.

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