Video: Your Last Minute Checklist for 2021 Planning

2020 has been the toughest year yet for most businesses. This may mean that your planning for 2021 might have been slightly delayed. If you've left new year planning to the last minute then help is at hand! Check out our video on the Top 5 things you need to [...]

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Looking after your employees wellbeing and mental health

Experts are now saying that employees' mental health and wellbeing needs to be brought into the forefront of business owners minds, alongside the current crisis.

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How to keep your employee performance in a top-notch position when working remotely

The coronavirus pandemic risks remote-working employees sliding into declining performance if not managed properly. But while employers have the right to expect goals to be hit, they also have a responsibility to explain what they are in the first place.

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Are your employees taking enough holiday?

Employers will now have to work even harder to ensure employees working from home really do take a break.

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HR + Payroll: How to work together even when your teams are apart

With the advent of the “new normal” meaning that business are offering up hybrid working (ie working from home part for part of the week, and working in the office for the rest of the week), or even moving fully to remote working, many business leaders are concerned [...]

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Returning To The Office: Employee Wellbeing

Returning to work might sound all well and good on paper, but in employees’ minds it creates big mental health hurdles that responsible firms will have to navigate.

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Infographic: Why You Need Absence Management Tech

Using an online solution to manage sick leave, holidays, TOIL and any other kind of employee absence is a requirement for successful digital transformation in HR. Create manager approval workflows in minutes, accurately calculate annual leave allowances and even track [...]

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Returning To The Office: Re-engaging Employees

Firms need to use the technology they have at their disposal to boost engagement wisely.

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Returning To The Office: The Practicalities

The UK Government wants offices open. But how should firms manage the return of their staff to the workplace?

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HR From Anywhere: Advancing Your People Management

A cloud based HR software solution is a must-have to make sure HR can run smoothly throughout each employee’s journey, especially if you have staff working remotely. Ensuring your chosen solution is 100% secure and cloud-based is critical, and it must be easy to use [...]

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