Video: Your Last Minute Checklist for 2021 Planning

2020 has been the toughest year yet for most businesses. This may mean that your planning for 2021 might have been slightly delayed. If you've left new year planning to the last minute then help is at hand! Check out our video on the Top 5 things you need to prioritise to start 2021 off right.

Get 2021 ready - video (2)


Are you ready for 2021?

Here’s our checklist of top priorities to focus on before the new year….

  1. Managing staff leave and carry over: Make sure you can easily calculate annual leave carry over and staff have access to see their 2021 allowances and book any annual leave
  2. Adopting new ways of working: Is your company looking to go permanently remote or adopt a hybrid (wfh and in the office) way of working? Make sure you have online company documents, online leave management and see who’s working from home or in the office
  3. Create your 2021 company goals: Start the new year with a renewed focus on achieving your new company targets & goals. Set team and personal goals for staff too so they can get started straight away in January with a drive to make 2021 the best year yet
  4. Plan your employee engagement strategy: How to re engage staff for the new year is so important, think about employing Shout-outs, regular feedback & meaningful performance reviews.
  5. Innovate your people management: Adopting new easy to use software to help manage sickness and annual leave, track goals and targets, help engage staff and allow your staff to access company documents from wherever they’re working. You may also need to think about ways to track clock in/clock out from home and which projects and activities


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