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Acumen use Appogee Leave for Absence Management




Acumen is a full-service employee benefits firm, enabling both individuals and employers of all sizes to find the right benefits program for their company. Acumen’s mission is to “provide clients with greater insight about their employee benefits plans in order to help them make informed, long term, cost effective decisions that ultimately give them more control.”

Focusing on this speciality, has given Acumen the upper edge when it comes to managing and reviewing employee benefits. Partnering with over 200 licensed agents and advising over 1200 companies makes Acumen one of the largest group health insurance providers in the state of Iowa.

Prior to purchasing Appogee Leave it was the responsibility of Angela Billman, the Director of Operations, to manage and track employee leave and sickness on a spreadsheet. The company has 2 office locations, both managed in one sheet.

“As we grew, I was unable to keep up with all of the requests accurately and effectively.” It was inconvenient for employees to have to wait to find out if there were any clashes and what the remaining allowance was every time they wished to book their own leave.

“It was very important to me and our company to implement a new leave system for a lot of different reasons. I wanted to give the employees autonomy with their time off, such that they could set it whenever they wanted and could make decisions about scheduling themselves. Also, with the quantity of requests I was getting as we doubled in size, it was easy to mis-track things.” This was costing the company money or the employee to lose time off depending on which mistake was made and what could be done to rectify it.

 “Appogee Leave gives me great peace of mind. I know that everyone is getting the proper amount of vacation and that anyone can log in and set time off on their own when it’s convenient for them.”

“Appogee Leave is so easy for everyone to use. I love that I can set our company’s unique vacation schedule into the system once and it calculates rollovers and time off accordingly. It makes tracking a breeze where, before, it was so challenging!”

Since using Appogee Leave, Angela now has to spend no time at all on tracking Acumen’s PTO and leave. Savings have been made on both Angela’s time and productivity in other areas of the business where she can now focus more time.

Acumen has been very happy with the customer service and support received by the Appogee team. “Even though we’re on different continents, the staff have been an excellent resource, always very timely and thorough in responses.”

“I would definitely recommend Appogee Leave to other businesses and actually already have.“

“Knowing what success and time savings I have experienced with the PTO tracking tool, I would definitely be interested in hearing about further products”