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Computeam add value to their employee's work-life with Appogee HR


Helping schools improve educational outcomes through the introduction of well-supported technology, Computeam has been providing IT support services to schools, colleges, local authorities and MATs since 1999. 

Currently employing 58 employees across two offices, Computeam has been using Appogee HR to improve their HR processes since 2020. 

Megan Watkins, Customer Success Manager at Appogee HR sat down with Head of People & Culture, Flora Oram to talk about the benefits she’s seen from implementing Appogee HR. 

Megan: Hi Flora! Thanks for joining us today. Firstly, can you just introduce yourself and your role?

Flora: Hi Megan, thanks for having me! This is my eighth year with the company and with 6 years of HR Generalist experience underpinning my love of people, I have become passionate about making the workplace a happy one. Having strong personal values and a high level of empathy help me to gain trust quickly. I help the company by finding the right people to work here, and making sure that the working experience is a fulfilling and energising one.


Megan: Amazing, so I suppose implementing a system that is easy to use and adds value to employees’ work-life was high on your desirable list? 

Flora: Absolutely! We needed something that was easy to manage and quick to learn how to use. We’re now ensuring everyone is accountable for their quarterly goals, as well as giving Managers the ability to keep an eye on progress and opportunities for training or development.


Megan: So talking about Goals, how have you found implementing the Performance module?

Flora: We’ve only recently implemented this section of the platform, but already we have much better staff engagement through a thorough performance management structure. Running reviews is so easy for managers, so they no longer dread doing one to one’s!


Megan: That’s great to hear. Do you have any other features which have been a hit?

Flora: Both the Leave element and the HR profile are great. It’s so easy for employees to manage their leave requests. We came from a system that wasn’t suitable for term time only or part-time workers so this was one of the things that attracted us to Appogee HR.


Megan: Yeah, you guys initially used Appogee Leave and then upgraded to the full HR Success package only a few months later. You must’ve seen the benefits?

Flora: Definitely, and having all personal info in one place makes life easier. It’s very easy to update data, so we don’t have to worry about information going out of date. 


Megan: Thanks so much for chatting with me today - it’s great to be able to share your experiences with Appogee HR.

Flora: Thanks for having me!


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