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Conztanz Manages Time Off with Appogee Leave

Founded in July 2013, Conztanz is a software publishing and consulting company for the travel industry, particularly for airports and airlines.

The Problem

“Since the creation of the business, employees simply had to send an email to their manager. This method quickly showed its limits, especially for tracking reasons such as management of cancelled and refused leave”, explained their administration.

“Our organisation is complex and our employees travel a lot. Some work in Paris, others in Sophia Antipolis in the south of France and they occasionally have to work abroad. Some are full time and others part time.”

The Solution

“We quickly recognised the need to use a program which would allow us to manage different types of absences and employee profiles.”

“Now each manager can have an overall view of absences in their team and we can easily export reports to manage leave counts”.

“The implementation of Appogee Leave reassured our employees who now have better vision over their leave balance. We benefit equally from a gain in time and better monitoring”.

“When we started our Appogee Leave trial, we received an email offering to help with implementation. The Appogee team always responded to our questions. It’s comforting to be so well supported!”.

“We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Appogee Leave to other businesses”, said the administrative team.