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ESNA manages absence with Appogee Leave

Linda Ferrari, HR and Operations Manager on Appogee Leave

Founded in 1989, Esna is a recognised leader in unified communication and collaboration solutions. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada with offices in the UK and US the company’s award-winning solutions integrate cloud, mobile and social communications on any device and with business applications. Esna is a Google ISV Partner and develops solutions for Google apps and other cloud applications.

Business Challenges

Prior to the introduction of Appogee Leave, Esna was tracking vacation and sick days through email requests and excel spreadsheets, but knew there was a better way.

“I would regularly get requests from staff to find out how much holiday they had taken, or how much was left,” explains Linda Ferrari, HR and Operations Manager at Esna, “the system we had in place did not make it easy for staff to track and manage their own allocations.”

“We knew there were solutions out there, but we wanted a system that naturally integrated within our Google ecosystem. We very much believe in the cloud, we live and breathe Google everyday and try to ensure all the products we select for our domain share the same philosophy. A system that worked with Gmail and Google calendar was imperative.”

The Solution

“We launched Appogee Leave to staff with an email, and were surprised by how quickly they came on board. There was no training, people used it right away...it’s very intuitive for a user,” continued Linda.

“The ability to log in and see your status at a glance has meant staff have taken much more personal control over managing and tracking their allowances, reducing the admin load of the HR and management teams. Whilst at a management level we have been able to manage, monitor and analyse vacation and sickness leave across the business at the click of a button.”

“One of the reasons we chose a cloud tool is that Appogee is hugely receptive to feedback and suggestions, meaning we have seen the system improve in line with our needs and uses.”