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How Google Premier Partner Ancoris use Appogee HR to Move to Hybrid Working

Ancoris logoWe recently spoke with Anne-Laure McLeman, Marketing & Operations Director at Ancoris Limited to find out how they've grown their people operations using Appogee HR.

Ancoris is an award-winning Cloud Services Provider which has been helping customers innovate and transform through the use of Google Cloud since 2013. They boast extensive expertise in Google Cloud technologies and deliver their magic through Data and AI, as well as the modernisation of applications and workspaces. 

Due to a rapidly growing headcount, Ancoris were finding their original use of spreadsheets for leave management increasingly difficult to manage and needed an easy to adopt solution to move their absence management to the cloud. After a short demo, Appogee Leave turned out to be the obvious choice, the easy to use interface meant that their staff were able to start using it straight away, and the integration with Google Workspace’s apps were a big hit “We loved the integration with Google Calendar and Gmail which fit in perfectly with our approval processes as well as checking colleagues’ availability. A lot of little quick wins which add up to a great experience.” 

Although Appogee Leave was able to solve their absence management seamlessly, like many smaller, fast-growing companies, Ancoris didn’t have a dedicated HR resource and were struggling to create efficient HR processes on top of their regular workload. This was when they decided they needed to look at Appogee HR’s people management solutions. 

At the end of 2018 Ancoris decided they needed to digitize their employee records and company documents as well as supercharging their HR strategy. This was when they decided to upgrade to Appogee HR Success and haven’t looked back since: “There are so many features that make our day to day people management so much easier… We store all our company documents in Appogee HR so everyone has access to the latest policies on a self-service basis.” With Appogee HR they’ve also been able to save a vital 2 hours per week when it comes to personnel management. 

Ancoris is also a big fan of the constantly updated features: “The platform has evolved beyond recognition since we've been using it. We’re a big user of checklists to manage starters and leavers, but the additional onboarding functionality has made the whole experience much more professional and seamless.”

The high level of security and access controls is a must-have and they love the granularity of security which really helps provide peace of mind to the Ancoris team “There is the comfort of knowing that our records are locked up and secure, with visibility of sensitive information, such as salary, restricted to a very small number of senior members of staff. This is very powerful and gives me peace of mind that our records are safe. The same section will be seen in any number of ways depending on the level of access given to the employee. This is all the more important due to the sensitive and frankly emotive nature of personnel records. You would not want them falling into the wrong hands!”

As a modern company, Ancoris has decided to move to a hybrid model, embracing the future of work and Appogee HR has helped to make this possible. “I love being able to check our records wherever I work. This is all the more important now that most of us have adopted hybrid working.  It would have been impossible to manage the HR function away from the office when we had the old paper records.”

To try Appogee HR for yourself for 14 days, follow this link.