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MBS Equipment Company saves valuable time with Appogee Leave

MBS Equipment Co

MBS equipment company just loves using Appogee Leave to manage all of their absences. Here's their story.

MBS Equipment Company is one of the world’s premier lighting rental resources, providing equipment to the television and film industry. They support Cinematographers, gaffers, and crews around the world on all manner of productions such as No Time to Die, Marvel’s Black Widow, and Bridgerton.

Based in Slough, they have been using Appogee Leave to manage employee annual leave and absence since 2019, growing their headcount by around 80% in the last 2 years.

Prior to using Appogee Leave, all absence management across the business was processed through paper forms. This was especially time-consuming, and inefficient, and left room for error. 

As the company grew, it was vital for MBS Equipment Company to transition from a manual process to something accurate and simple to use. Gemma Upton, HR Manager explains, “we needed something that we could adapt to suit our requirements, as we have various different employment types and shift patterns”.

“The easy-to-use dashboard means that employees are able to simply request time off, and managers have full visibility to track and approve leave”.

Simon Roose, Business Development Director, worked closely with the Customer Success Team at Appogee HR to set up the system, ensuring that it was fully configured to their requirements “we went ahead with the assisted setup sessions to ensure everything was ready for roll-out” he comments. “After rolling out the system, we were able to have another follow-up call with the Customer Success Team to answer any questions from our employees”.  

The HR team at MBS Equipment Company commented on the benefits of Appogee Leave, praising the fact the system has meant annual leave is tracked accurately and saves time for employees and managers. “It’s also really helpful that requests sync with Microsoft Outlook Calendars, so you can see all your meetings and appointments in one place”,  Gemma added. 

When asked if they would recommend Appogee HR, Gemma told us “using Appogee HR is the right tool if you are looking to manage leave efficiently in your business. It makes HR administration of the leave process much easier.”

To try our online absence management software, Appogee Leave, for yourself with our free 14 day trial.


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