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TDB Fusion choose Appogee HR to manage their workforce




Andrea from TDB Fusion kindly spoke to us about her experience with moving the company’s HR operations across to Appogee HR. Andrea works as the HR and Finance Assistant, supporting the Office Manager at the company.

TDB Fusion, the UK based software company, provide market leading software solutions to control and manage the convergence of business applications, IT management, cloud and data centre systems. Their main product Federos™ Product Suite delivers a unique approach to bridging the gap between traditional and cloud based systems with a flexible, automated and dynamic user dashboard enabling more effective business management. Federos™ removes silos of information across the business and provides real-time access to key information whenever and wherever it is needed. From the NOC to the boardroom, Federos™ delivers significant operational savings and efficiency improvements to the complete business.

TDB Fusion's range of software solutions are utilised across key environments including IT Systems Management, Network Management, and Data Centre Management and embraced across key market sectors of service providers, financial institutions and enterprise organisations worldwide including Fujitsu, GEO Networks, a Tier 1 Bank, Global Cloud Xchange, Tata Communications and VIRTUS Data Centres.

TDB Fusion has been expanding rapidly reporting a revenue increase of 145% in 2016, along with a doubling of the workforce, the opening of a new sales and support office in London and increasing the headquarters facility in Bracknell.

Before Appogee HR

As an SME, TDB Fusion stored all staff information in a mixture of electronic and paper personnel files. If information was required about an employee it would involve significant personnel overheads and manual cross referencing for the information. As the company grew this became more and more difficult to achieve so information was transferred into a spreadsheet based system, but this still wasn't as efficient as a fully automated system.

Prior to Appogee HR, requesting leave was done through paper forms that managers needed to sign and pass back to HR. This was then logged in a centralised spreadsheet and updated on a shared calendar across the company. Sickness was dealt with in much the same way.
TDB Fusion had a lengthy process to manage holiday and absences across the company. There was room for human error and the possibility that paperwork could get lost. Access to remaining holiday balances and leave taken was held by administrators so managers and employees were not able to easily see what leave they had available and were entitled to.

Managing HR data was becoming more and more difficult with the spreadsheets and form based system. There was little traceability or manageable processes in place for changes and revisions.

TDB Fusion needed to move to a centralised system to manage data and absences across the business. With more and more employees joining, spread across two offices, remote working and based on client sites, it became essential to upgrade processes from spreadsheet based systems in use to a more accessible solution, “If we did not move ahead with finding a new solution it would have imposed too much of an overhead and would have been much harder to migrate to a full solution at a later date.”

Why Appogee HR?

The attraction to Appogee HR was largely based on ease of use, value for money, the ability to be up and running quickly, an ability to tailor to the company’s specific requirements, the fit to the current operation and the ability to scale as the company expands. The ease of installation and system management was a key factor in selecting Appogee HR for TDB Fusion. The out of the box configuration needed little tweaking to customise to their company and Andrea found it “very user friendly and easy to navigate”. The setup and security access settings were very easy to configure and change as and when required with easy access and reporting of information and status’ by all members of staff.

Some of the other benefits that attracted TDB Fusion to move forward with Appogee HR were the ability to keep all HR information and relevant documentation in one places with a full audit history to enable them to trace how information may have changed; the option to add photos to employee profiles is a nice addition to the system matching TDB Fusion’s ethos; being able to track who has read company documents and send reminders, whilst communicating everything via email notifications, really adds operational benefits to the online HR system.

Life with Appogee HR

“We had some excellent feedback from managers and employees on how the system is easy and intuitive to use. We have seen already that the individual annual leave calendar is great way to quickly establish patterns in absence and address any staffing and support issues in real time.

We had great service from the support team during setup, usually we would get a response within a few hours and for more complex questions Appogee HR would arrange a remote screen sharing call to review and resolve the issue.

We also used the Appogee HR consultancy service for the initial setup. It was great to speak to somebody on the best practices, on how to get most out of the system and how to tweak settings to match our existing processes. I found the consultants highly professional and knowledgeable.”

Advice to others looking at Appogee HR

“For anyone looking at moving to Appogee HR we would recommend using the trial version as a good opportunity to get all the basic information ready and test with the real business process. It is good to involve the IT department from day one to ensure easy implementation and transition.

It is a good time to assess reporting structures and important to keep things simple. Make sure you check or update your policies and procedures, especially those regarding annual leave, TOIL (Time Off In Lieu) and sickness absence.

We planned the implementation process, allowing a few weeks to check the information and backfill the annual leave and sickness records before rolling the system out to the business. We selected one team for initial implementation. This worked well allowing us to get feedback from this team and revise any aspects of operation before a company wide rollout.

The system is very intuitive and easy for end users to navigate and use so formal training was not necessary., A short overview introduction with operational information and a FAQ available on our intranet saw all staff up and running quickly.

We would recommend using the optional consultancy setup service. Although the system is very user friendly for the end user, the extensive features available for the administrator need to be reviewed and covered fully in order to use the system to its full potential. Using the consultancy also gave us the chance to further personalise the system and adapt existing processes fully into the Appogee environment.
We look forward to continuing support from the Appogee HR team. It is easy to communicate any feedback from our staff and working together to continually improve operation of the system so it supports our business.”

Top 3 favourite things about Appogee HR

  • Pricing Structure - Great Value for Money
  • Easy, Intuitive Navigation and Operation
  • Real-Time Notifications