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Tessera automates absence management with Appogee Leave

Ross Webster, IT system analyst at Tessera talks about his experience with Appogee Leave.

Tessera is a leading provider of debt purchase and debt collection services. Specialising in the banking and financial sector of debt collection for over 15 years, Tessera has built up a reputation as one of the best in the business.

The Challenge

Managing leave allowance for a whole workforce can be a complicated task. Having to monitor who takes what type of leave and when they take it, while insuring that their allowance is updated accordingly, its understandable that inaccuracies could occur.

The Solution

Appogee Leave offers a fully automated system that removes all manual tracking of employee leave allowance. Every employee has a personal dashboard, which clearly displays the holidays that they have booked and reminds them of the upcoming holidays of their team members.

Appogee Leave is readily available from the Google Apps Universal Navigation Bar. This means that users have instant access to their dashboard and can make a new holiday request in seconds. Approvers are notified of a new request and have the options to approve or decline the request with only a few clicks. Close integration with Google Apps also greatly reduces set up time.

"All our systems are heavily integrated with Google Apps so choosing admin meant minimal administration time".

The Result

Thanks to its integration with Google Apps, quick setup wizard and ease of use, Tessera has been able to roll out Appogee Leave with very little training or support.

"It’s simple - All other solutions seemed complex and difficult to manage. Appogee just took a bit of set up work up front but now it essentially runs itself."

Appogee maintains a close relationship with all its users and continues to support them via its dedicated help community forum.