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"It's Top Class!" How The Workplace Depot are using Appogee HR Essentials to manage their core HR needs

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The Workplace Depot is an online retail company that has been trading for over 27 years. Based in Nottingham with 2 side by side warehouses, they are part of one of the UK’s largest Industrial and Commerce companies with a workforce of over 20 employees. The company is predominant through their website, but do also have distributors and Managed Accounts. 

Our Customer Success Manager, Megan Watkins spoke to Steve Needham, Finance Manager about The Workplace Depot’s use of Appogee HR and its benefits to the company’s operations. 

Megan: Thanks for your time Steve! To start off, can you tell us a little bit about how you were managing your HR and Leave processes before you started using Appogee HR?

Steve: We used to have a manual system and this was time-consuming and was prone to mistakes - we are also now a paperless Company and need a structured holiday system, so all areas can be covered during peak holiday times, before, people were off at the same time and also we have had issues in the past regarding reporting sickness accurately.


Megan: Sounds like it used up a lot of time previously? 

Steve: Absolutely! Implementing Appogee HR in 2016 made us more efficient and has forced us to look in other areas to make a similar improvement. It has proved invaluable to our business - and has allowed us to have a clear picture in HR. In our particular industry, it’s sometimes very difficult to manage Staff Holidays and this has made our lives so much easier. 


Megan: That’s great to hear that Appogee HR has helped become a catalyst to improve elsewhere in the business. What would you say are your favourite aspects of the system? 

Steve: We like the dashboard and at a glance a view of the holidays and sickness by department of and month. It's great to have everything in one place. Employees also find the Leave element of the system so easy to use which has meant our Leave process has worked perfectly since we transitioned. No more user errors or manual adjustments necessary. 


Megan: What would you say about the support you’ve received from Appogee HR? 

Steve: It’s Top Class! We’ve never had any problems and all our questions are answered quickly and efficiently.


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