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Why Thorn HR Ltd trusted Appogee Leave as the best solution for their client

Thorn HR

Denise Thorn set up her own consultancy HR business, Thorn HR Ltd, back in 2017. After spotting a gap in the market for a flexible, straightforward and commercially focussed HR support for small and growing businesses, she soon got going with her own venture to satisfy that demand. At present Thorn HR’s clients range across the tech, property, finance and legal sectors.

The Customer

Earlier this year, Thorn HR introduced Appogee Leave to one of their clients, a consultancy firm with their head office based in London. The business is a highly respected and long established firm with around 70 staff, based all across the world. Their culture is very warm and friendly with a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Before Appogee Leave, the customer was managing absences across the business using a master spreadsheet which was controlled by the Office Manager. This solution just wasn't working well for the company. It was a long and drawn out process for an employee to request their leave and as a result accuracy was not always maintained. Mistakes could often be made when calculating part-time allowances or pro-rata leave as this was all manual.

This process was extremely time consuming for the Office Manager and took away from more productive tasks she needed to do.

The Move to Appogee Leave

Denise had been aware of Appogee HR and in particular Appogee Leave since its early development. So when the client required a better way on managing absence across the business exploring Appogee Leave as an option became an obvious choice.

“As an HR manager who has used many HR systems over the years, I have quite a good eye for what works well. Appogee HR is similar to my approach in that it is straightforward and practical. It is flexible and can be moulded easily to fit the business needs.”

During the trial process, Denise and the client worked with Megan in our customer success team to ensure all questions were answered. When asked about the support we were told it was “Absolutely superb! I really couldn't fault it. Megan went above and beyond to provide fantastic support. “

One of the main reasons the client chose to go ahead with Appogee Leave was down to its simplicity - “easy to get up and running and is simple to use”. The functionality also ticked all the boxes allowing the previous over complex process to become efficient and easy to manage.

Ease of use was also important to the end user, the ability to easily navigate and find the information you need was essential in the decision to move forward with a new system. That coupled with the reasonable costs, simple contracts and the fact that it was fully cloud-based all helped to make Appogee Leave the only choice for the client.

“It looks professional, follows a logical and user friendly format and due to its simplicity, is not intimidating for users or administrators.”

Since implementing Appogee Leave there has been nothing but great feedback. The “brilliant” service from the sales and service team helped the end users to get going smoothly with the roll out

Advice to Others

“I would definitely recommend it. The main features that are attractive to businesses is the flexibility, simplicity, price, ease of use and overall effectiveness.”

Going forward, Thorn HR Ltd are hoping to work closely with Appogee HR to provide feedback on the usage from the current clients and start using a range of Appogee HR solutions for more customers.

To try Appogee Leave for yourself for 14 days, follow this link.