Peace of Mind about Employee HR Data Privacy

Appogee HR ensures sensitive employee information can only be accessed by authorised staff eg. HR, Management or Employee. Your IT staff can administer the system management and configuration without visibility of employee data.

User Roles

Set up user roles to allow different access rights to Admin, HR Manager, Manager, and Employees. These roles define what access the user has and to what data. This ensures appropriate privacy across employee information. The roles also allow different functionality for Managers and HR Managers to enable tasks such as approvals, team management, and HR reporting.

Employee Information Access

The system enables you to set advanced, multilevel security access settings across all employee HR information and records stored and viewed within Appogee HR. At a field level, the admin is able to define which role can access or edit information. There are multiple access levels to field information including, read, edit, hidden and even masked read/edit for additional privacy over details such as bank accounts. Appogee HR is completely customisable, so allows your business to set up content and preferences to suit your company requirements. Audit records allow easy visibility of changes made to Profiles, Records, and Documents for additional security checks.