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Looking for simple & consistent online absence management software?
Leave it to us

Our online absence management software makes it easy to track and report on all types of staff leave, including annual leave, sickness, working from home and more. 

Find out how our highly rated, all in one customisable leave management solution can benefit your business.

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Online absence management software

Streamline your leave management process. Our fully cloud-based leave management system lets you keep everything in one place, from annual leave requests and doctors appointments, through to maternity leave and any other type of absence.

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Effortless employee self-service

Empower your employees to take control of their leave requests. Our cloud-based self-service system means that employees can log in from anywhere and submit their requests in just a few clicks. It’s so easy they won’t even need training!

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Leave calendar

Fully customisable to meet your HR needs

Designed to fit your specifications, whatever they are. Appogee Leave lets you customise employee allowances to cater for your company’s policies: from accruals and length of service awards to Time off in Lieu (TOIL) or custom allowances for things like training or volunteering. Our powerful absence management system has the functionality you need.

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Instant absence reports

The absence reporting you need, when you need it. Appogee Leave generates reports on demand, giving you an immediate visual understanding of your organisation’s leave trends. What’s more, you can set up regular, automatic reports on the schedule that best fits the need of your business.

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Leave reporting

Integrates with Workspace, Xero and more

Google Workspace Integration Microsoft 365 Integration Xero Integration

Keep your systems connected to maximise productivity, security and data consistency. Appogee Leave integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace, Office365, Xero, and many other platforms, letting you access the benefits without any disruption.

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The best absence management software

Our friendly customer Support team is available to help out with any questions you may have.We have an extensive knowledge base of; documents, FAQs, guides, support videos and more!

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Suitable for global organisations

Our online absence management software is perfect for global organisations, thanks to French and Spanish translations and fully localised public holidays which can be configured to work alongside your employee's preferences.

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