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Why Appogee HR?

Highly rated HR, project tracking and leave management solutions for Global SMEs

Eliminate filing cabinets and spreadsheets

Secure, centralised location for sensitive employee HR information and records. Meet compliance requirements such as right to work checks.

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Employee self service profile

Peace of mind about Data Privacy

Sensitive employee information can only be accessed by authorised staff eg. HR and management. IT staff can administer the system without access to employee data

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Employee access

Self-service your employees will love

Easy to use system that empowers your employees & managers to updating personal information & leave requests. Save time and improve accuracy through self service access.

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Employee self service profile

Support for Major HR Processes

Keep all your HR processes in one, easy to use system with access to information given to only those who need it. Time saved in searching for relevant information and records.

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Configurable leave settings

Empower Employee Self Service

Configure self service to allow access to only the information you want to. Ensure leave management is handled quickly and effectively through simple request & approval system.

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Sickness approval

Spend less time on HR admin

Automation & workflows allow processes to happen effectively across the business. Less involvement in information updating frees up time for more proactive HR management.

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Book working from home

No Setup Stress

Simple to set up and maintain. Easy to configure and roll out to the business with a very low admin overhead. There is no training required for employees or managers.

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Customisable leave setup

Assurance Through Role Based Security

Highly secure with dynamic role based data access through Admin, HR Manager, Manager and Employee Roles. Configure additional privacy at the profile field & record level.

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Roles and access

Simple integrations

Google Workspace Xero Integration Microsoft 365

Easy integration with other core services eg. G Suite, Office 365 and API access. Benefit from single sign on, calendar integration, access through apps menu and more.

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