Infographic: 6 Top Tips To Make Hybrid Working Work For You

According to CIPD 86% of employees now want more flexibility to work where they choose in a hybrid working model (part time in the office and part time from home) However, many businesses are unsure exactly what they need to do to make hybrid working a reality in [...]

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Appogee Time: How to manage hybrid working


With Hybrid-Working and downsizing office capacity high up on most companies' agendas at the moment, it is important to put a process in place for managing this if you choose to head down this route. Not only do you need to be able to give your employees access to [...]

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Press Release: How Appogee HR is making hybrid working a reality for small businesses


Appogee HR is thrilled to announce the launch of Appogee Time, the standalone SaaS product to help UK small businesses manage hybrid working, office capacity management, track time & attendance and record time spent on activities. 

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XU Magazine: The Power of Partnerships - Interview with Archangel Accounting

How HR Tech is helping Archangel Accounting Support Their Clients through remote working & beyond

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Why recording time spent on activities could give your business a boost

Managing time isn’t just about totting up hours, but looking into (and addressing) what your staff are working on and for how long.

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The tool that you need to ensure a safe return to the office

If you’re planning a return to the office full time, looking into the hybrid working model or if you want staff only back in occasionally, there’s a key tool that you need to ensure you can safely accommodate your staff.

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Is there a productivity and wellness crisis on the horizon? Here’s how you can help avert burnout

Working from home: it was supposed to be the ideal way of working that many staff had long been waiting for. With the promise of new-found freedom by removing the need to commute or wear more formal office attire and limiting any unwelcome office interactions all [...]

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Remote Onboarding: Engaging your new hire from wherever they’re working

Even before companies were working from home, onboarding staff successfully was a challenge, now it’s even trickier to get right.

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Product Blog: What is Time?

We’ve recently launched our latest module Appogee Time into our advanced HR software package, Appogee HR Success. But what is Appogee Time and how can it help your business?

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Video: Your Last Minute Checklist for 2021 Planning

2020 has been the toughest year yet for most businesses. This may mean that your planning for 2021 might have been slightly delayed. If you've left new year planning to the last minute then help is at hand! Check out our video on the Top 5 things you need to [...]

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