Digital transformation: a powerful force for people management

You’ll often hear that digital transformation is all about technology but at the heart of it, it’s really about involving your people and company processes, ensuring you’ll receive truly valuable benefits from transformation.

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Looking to reach your company goals? Engage your employees first

Employee engagement is a ‘now or never’ requirement for businesses – despite it being a decade since the term was first coined, employers still need to learn what the best levers are to pull to ensure this valuable commodity is brought forward as a top business [...]

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Change your annual performance reviews!

With more and more data suggesting the Annual Performance Review is dead, how can you measure employee performance in an accurate and valuable way? Check out our infographic for more information!

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Death of the Annual Performance Review

Why businesses are changing the way they do performance


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Infographic: Top Onboarding Tips to Help Retain Your New Hire

Onboarding new employees successfully is critical to retaining them. So how can you make sure this is done correctly?

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Payroll & HR software: a match made in business heaven


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Why properly onboarding your new hires is the ticket to retaining them

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XU Magazine: 7 Stresses of Employee Absence and How to Overcome Them


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6 Top Benefits for G Suite Integrated HR Software

Integration is a hot topic when it comes to business software but why is this so important for your employees?

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Appogee HR celebrates another year on G-Cloud 11


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