Transparency in the workplace: trick or treat?

Once a year ghosts and ghouls have Halloween night to themselves; but as many employees know, there’s nothing scarier than being left in the dark when it comes to what’s going on in the workplace.

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Embracing the employee journey through technology: from application to vacation and beyond

Each employee’s journey with your company is individual but there are elements of the process that will follow a similar pattern. Ensuring there is a process behind each stage is critical to enhancing the employee experience and empowering managers to utilise [...]

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Press Release: Appogee HR grow their integration portfolio with LinkedIn Talent Hub

Appogee HR have today announced their new integration with LinkedIn’s applicant tracking system (ATS), LinkedIn Talent Hub, allowing for an all-in-one solution for candidate tracking throughout the hiring process, transferring seamlessly through to employment.

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Why continuous employee feedback will unlock success in an ever-changing business world

Thanks to the likes of Gallup and other workplace pollsters, it’s a generally  accepted (and rather depressing), fact that 70% of staff are simply not ‘fully engaged’ (and therefore not fully performing), in the workplace. Unhelpfully there is often a litany of [...]

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Employee Engagement: It's game on!

Improving employee engagement is becoming an increasingly high priority for all businesses, with many leaders rating it as "Important" or "Very Important" to their organisation, according to a recent survey by Forbes.

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Why improving your company culture is a must-have for SMB’s

Company culture is often talked about as a driver of an engaged workforce and a happy environment can increase motivation and productivity. However, the benefits of a strong culture has been proven to not only benefit your individual staff, but also a unified culture [...]

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Digital transformation: a powerful force for people management

You’ll often hear that digital transformation is all about technology but at the heart of it, it’s really about involving your people and company processes, ensuring you’ll receive truly valuable benefits from transformation.

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Looking to reach your company goals? Engage your employees first

Employee engagement is a ‘now or never’ requirement for businesses – despite it being a decade since the term was first coined, employers still need to learn what the best levers are to pull to ensure this valuable commodity is brought forward as a top business [...]

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Change your annual performance reviews!

With more and more data suggesting the Annual Performance Review is dead, how can you measure employee performance in an accurate and valuable way? Check out our infographic for more information!

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Death of the Annual Performance Review

Why businesses are changing the way they do performance


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