Appogee Leave can be used as a simple tool for staff ickness management and reporting. The application is cloud-based so operates fully online making it accessible from anywhere using any device. Appogee Leave is also fully integrated with Google Calendars and Outlook Calendars

Sickness management is something that all companies face when looking at staff attendance and leave. Appogee Leave has several tools that make managing sickness across your employees easy.

Submitting a sickness report couldn’t be simpler. Employees just need to select a new request from their Dashboard or Year at a Glance view and submit the sickness report. In some cases, an attachment may also need to be uploaded, this can be done and stored against the request.

Reporting On Staff Sickness

Appogee Leave features absence reporting that can be run to look at sickness and leave levels in whichever way you prefer across selected time periods. This means that you can quickly spot where your team has had sickness and if any action needs to be taken.

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The Bradford Factor Method

The Bradford Factor is also something many companies use for sickness management and ensure that there is no cause for concern. Appogee Leave reporting features a Bradford Factor report and table that can be run across teams and for customisable date periods.

Appogee Leave Management Software

With Appogee Leave Management software you can track sickness levels across the company at all times, whilst allowing employees to notify their own sick leave with manager approval via workflows. With Appogee Leave you can also manage holiday requests, remote working and approval process, all in one place through our easy to use software. Our customisable solution can be configured to your company's policies and includes options for Unlimited PTO, Accrual and Time Off in Lieu. The solution is completely suitable for any type of global organisations.

Get Started Today

Appogee Leave is so easy to use that you can get started today! Your employees will love the easy to use self-service solution which helps you really keep track of staff sickness and all other kinds of absence. To get started head to to start free for 14 days! Alternatively, we can walk you through the solution, just book a demo with a member of our team who will be happy to help.