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    Easy to use time tracking software

    Good time management is transformative for a business. Ask yourself: do you really know how many hours your employees are working? With Appogee HR's easy to use clock in/clock out and online timesheet functionality, you can guarantee your answer will be yes.

    Our time tracker lets your organisation manage staff working hours from wherever they're working. Employees simply press a button to indicate they've started work, stopped for a break or finished for the day!

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    Easy time and attendance tracking

    Get real-time insights on who has started work, who is on a break and who's finished for the day with our employee self-service time tracking app.

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    Staff time and attendance

    Simple clock-in & out functionality

    All your staff need to do is press a button to indicate their start time, finish time and break times, and the app does the rest.

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    Clock in and out

    Online timesheet software

    Demystify your data and tap into the insights by reviewing your timesheets. View time spent by day, week, month or any custom view with our simple and customisable manager view. 

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    Online timesheets

    Track time against customers, projects, tasks and teams

    Our time tracking software lets you track tasks, projects, customers and teams with ease. Track in real time or after completion to keep your projects running on time. You can also forecast costs and timescales for your clients and enable more accurate pre-project planning, budgeting and productivity measurements.

    Monitor staff wellbeing

    CSV Export

    Easily review staff working hours data with customisable views to help you access the timesheet information you need.

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    Appogee Time is currently available for a 14 day free trial as a standalone product, as an add on for Appogee Leave and is included as part of Appogee HR Essentials and Appogee HR Success.

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