How You Can Track Furlough Online

Many businesses in the UK took up government funding through the Job Retention Scheme. This scheme was put in place on 20th March 2020, to deal with the pressures that businesses are facing as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak and allows businesses to claim up to 80% [...]

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HR From Home: Keeping Your Company Goals On-Track

Tracking your company goals is arguably more important than ever when you have different employees in various locations. However, Entrepreneur state that over 80% of small business owners confess to not tracking their company goals at all ( [...]

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HR From Home: Onboarding

When working remotely, it may feel as if spending time onboarding new employees is not time well spent. Therefore, many businesses are deferring taking on new staff for as long as possible believing they need to be in the office to fully experience the company [...]

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HR From Home: Employee Engagement

The benefits of having engaged employees has often been discussed as a must-have for all businesses, with improved job performance, a better customer experience, an increase in ideas sharing, improved employee retention and even a marked improvement in companies [...]

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What are the UK May Bank Holiday dates in 2020?

This year in the UK, the first May Bank Holiday date is on Friday 8 May 2020. Traditionally, the first bank holiday in May is on the first Monday of the month. However, the UK government changed the bank holiday to Friday this year, due to the 75th anniversary of VE [...]

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HR From Home: The Essentials

In our recent live series, we discussed a range of topics about how to manage your HR from Home. The first one focussed on the essentials that you need to ensure your people management can continue smoothly during long-term periods of remote working.

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Moving Your HR To The Cloud: The Top 5 Must-Haves

In these times, businesses have become aware of the importance of moving their business to the cloud, allowing all employees to work from home. Collaborative working suites like G Suite and Office 365 have allowed teams to collaborate across documents, whilst CRM and [...]

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Using Appogee HR to Support Remote Working

As a cloud-based HR software solution, Appogee HR is ideal to support employees and managers to work from home. With many businesses choosing to allow employees to work away from the office, it is important to have the technology to support this and HR software is no [...]

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Workplace Diversity: The facts, figures and how you can improve yours

It has to be said some companies demonstrate a poor record when it comes to practising what they preach on diversity. From a gender diversity point of view, there are famously more men called Dave heading up FTSE 100 firms than there are women CEOs there, while [...]

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Why you need HR Software

The HR software market is one of the fastest-growing in the UK, with many SME’s taking the opportunity to invest in becoming compliant, organising and securely storing sensitive data and improving their overall people management process. 

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