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HR today: What you need to know

Copy of HR in 2022 - Slides (4)

The HR landscape has changed. Affected by lockdowns, the pandemic, civil rights movements and social change, businesses all over the world have had to reprioritise what matters most; and it’s being driven from the bottom up by the employee. 

So how can HR prioritise what matters and drive real change? 

Our series of blogs aims to talk you through what matters right now and how you can use innovative tools and techniques to lead your company through this turbulent time.

Click the links above to read more into these topics and make the changes you need for the better, or check out our on-demand webinar via this link where we take a look at these topics in more detail.

Next steps

If you're ready to get started in innovating your HR to improve the above-mentioned topics, then here's a breakdown of our products (check out the Solutions option on the menu for more detail!)

Our solutions are designed to grow with your business as your needs evolve. Appogee Leave is our online absence management tool for tracking and reporting on sickness, holiday or any kind of absence (including mental health days). Appogee HR comes in two packages, Appogee HR Essentials is our core HR management solution and includes employee profiles with employee self-service fields to update any information you wish to record and report on, including gender, race, salary or anything else, company document management (to hold all of your policies or any document including policies pertaining to DEI, any internal vacancies or wellbeing advice) as well as location recording tools for hybrid working and intelligent reporting and also includes Appogee Leave. Appogee HR Success includes Appogee Leave and Appogee HR Essentials and additionally enables you to fully run performance reviews (or any other kind of review) with templates for consistency and fairness across your business. There’s also an onboarding portal where you can introduce yourself and your team as well as sending emails to a new staff member with the contact details of a buddy or mentor should they have any questions they’d prefer not to ask their new boss! 

All of our solutions are fully customisable and accessible from anywhere to help you run HR your way, from wherever your staff are working. We also have project time tracking with our Appogee Time solution so if this is something you’re keen on looking at you can find out more here (Appogee Time is available as a standalone solution or as an add-on to any of our HR and Leave management solutions)

Ready to get started on innovating your HR? Start your 14 day free trial today or book a demo with a member of our team. If you’re not sure where to start we’d recommend taking a look at Appogee HR Essentials, you can always upgrade at a later date!