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HR today: Talent acquisition and retention

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It has been said that occupation transitions may increase as much as 25% by 2030 - 14% in UK roles will transition to another one by 2030 and that’s 3 million UK people.

In addition to this is another statistic suggesting that 40% of all working populations are now aged 19-39 (known as Gen Z and Millenials). So when you’re thinking about how to retain and acquire new talent, you need to make sure that your workplace is adapting to be able to suit this generational shift.

These are the generations that really want purpose - salary is important but not primary driver, they really want a coach and not a boss, less hierarchical, want ongoing conversations not annual performance reviews, and more work/life integration - don’t want as much separation between work and life. They want to feel valued and appreciated in what they do, they really want to love it and want to work on their own schedule

Employees are in the driving seat and leaders need to be authentic and actually take steps to ensuring that they go further to help employees feel valued and also embrace a more hybrid strategy to allow for flexibility.

Innovate your HR to drive Talent Acquisition and Retention

HR tech can help your talent strategy by allowing you to review and fine-tune how you structure your pay scales and company incentives. Would balancing flexible working or more of a hybrid structure be an incentive you can offer alongside your more conventional salary increases and bonuses? Intelligent HR reporting in a solution can help you review what you are currently doing and help you assess the gaps in which you need to improve. 

Ensuring you have clear communication internally when you have new vacancies is a great way to keep your employees informed and give them the opportunity to change career paths or progress whilst staying with your company. Using HR document portals you can post these new opportunities and inform staff they’re up so if they’re interested they can apply and hopefully stay with you for longer.

It is said that employees who use technology for rewards and recognition are 72% more likely to rate their recognition culture as high over those who don’t. Ensuring that you have a HR solution that provides you with “shout-out” functionality will keep your employees engaging with each other and receiving the recognition they deserve. It is also great for overall engagement with your HR system

Onboarding your employees well is key to retaining good staff. Poor onboarding strategies lead to short employment cycles and your new starters you were excited about, looking elsewhere from the get-go. Building an onboarding portal and a clear process into your strategy can be the winning formula to holding on to those great new candidates. 

Providing access to an Onboarding or Preboarding portal before a new starter actually joins will help to keep them engaged before day 1. You can gain all the key employee information and documents you require from them, ready for when they start and share any important information and documentation with them. Sharing colleagues bios, images and time spent with the business is also another great way to really welcome your new employee to the team. 

Assigning a buddy or mentor to your new starter is another great way to make them feel welcome, engaged and connected from day 1. Providing them with access to someone outside of management to speak with, ask questions and generally get support from is a big step in creating a winning onboarding formula. Your can assign and communicate with the buddy through your onboarding emails. 

You may even want to integrate your HR solution with an Applicant Tracking System to speed up your hiring and onboarding process to make sure your candidate can have a seamless experience. LinkedIn Talent Hub is just one example of an ATS.

How can Appogee HR help?

Here’s a closer look at how some of the features we offer in our tools can help you with talent acquisition and retention.

Appogee Leave: Our absence management solution can help you track any kind of absence, including anything related to stress or burnout, allowing you to see who might be overworked and therefore likely to leave.

Appogee HR Essentials: Our core HR management solution and includes employee profiles with employee self-service fields to update any information you wish to record and report on, including salary or anything else, company document management (to hold all of your policies or any document including any internal vacancies) as well as location recording tools for hybrid working and intelligent reporting. Essentials also includes Appogee Leave so you can track all kinds of absences to keep an eye on stress levels. 

Appogee HR Success: Includes Appogee Leave and Appogee HR Essentials and additionally enables you to fully run performance reviews (or any other kind of review) with templates for consistency and fairness across your business. There’s also an onboarding portal where you can introduce yourself and your team as well as sending emails to a new staff member with the contact details of a buddy or mentor should they have any questions they’d prefer not to ask their new boss! 

Get started right away with your 14 day free trial or book a demo with a friendly member of our team. 

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