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Why you need HR Software

Untitled design (80)The HR software market is one of the fastest-growing in the UK, with many SME’s taking the opportunity to invest in becoming compliant, organising and securely storing sensitive data and improving their overall people management process. 

It’s clear that in today’s digital world all businesses need an HR information system (HRIS), but if you still need convincing, check out our top 5 reasons why!

1. Secure storage of sensitive employee information

Storing sensitive employee information in a secure environment is of paramount importance. Leaving information, such as salary data and personal details, in a shared drive or filing cabinet means that someone else in your business could have access to that information. By using online HR software this information is stored securely in the cloud, with access levels you control, giving you and your employees peace of mind.

2. Say goodbye to paper, filing cabinets and spreadsheets

Messy filing cabinets, filled with out of date information are the bane of most small businesses and organising them is too time-consuming to consider. By using an HRIS and negating the need for paper forms, you can finally get rid of your filing cabinets and use that office space more wisely. Equally, if you’re using spreadsheets, your shared drives can be messy and also potentially accessible by individuals you don’t want accessing that data. Implementing an HR management system means you can easily access the information you need, all stored in one system in the cloud.

3. Free yourself from manual HR admin

Manual HR admin can drain valuable time from your day. Spending time signing off leave requests via paper or spreadsheets can be confusing, and also reporting on any employee data becomes a serious chore - or worse - is nearly impossible to manage. It can also mean your employees miss out on performance reviews or training requirements due to distractions. Inputting new employee data manually can also leave room for unexpected errors which could be a nightmare for your finance teams.

Using automated workflows and checklists in HR software can help with this. You can set up reminders for key dates while checklists can ensure processes are followed. Employee self-service also allows for individual employees to take ownership of their own data ensuring it’s the most accurate and up to date it can be.

Integrating your HR software system with tools such as G Suite, Office 365, Xero and LinkedIn Talent Hub (applicant tracking system) can improve productivity and reduce errors. Reporting from an HR software tool is also far more straightforward and easy to manage.

4. Track absence and reduce absenteeism

Allowing employees to request holiday through an online system allows your managers to take control of their teams and manage who’s off to ensure the business is covered during peak holiday seasons.

Other types of leave such as bereavement or sickness, can be discreetly signed off or recorded in-app, encouraging transparency while also maintaining employee privacy. Easy to use reporting tools in the same software can also help you analyse any excessive absenteeism and take appropriate measures to decrease this.

5. Effectively report on people management

Reporting on people management is critical in a time where diversity and equal pay is becoming so critical to businesses. Not only that, but any information you need to report on needs to be accessible; from absence and sickness reporting to basic employee information or salary data. Without storing all of your employee data in one place, this could be an impossibly large task, meaning it often gets ignored with potentially business critical consequences. 

By using cloud HR software this reporting becomes easy. With employee self-service you can take measures to ensure data is more likely to be up to date. It’s also far more accurate and therefore valuable to your business. Check out our video explaining how you can create reports in Appogee HR.   

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