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Online cloud-based HR software (HRMS or HRIS) is perfect for storing employee records and compliance. Securely file employee information, records and company documents such as policies in a central, accessible cloud-based location. Appogee HR Essentials is our core HR information system and includes Appogee Leave and staff location management. To supercharge your HR management, our Appogee HR Success package additionally provides an online onboarding portal, time & attendance tracking, project & activity time recording, advanced performance management software and much more.
  • New Website Icons - 93x93 Employee Self Service

    Staff can edit their own employee profile and keep it up to date. Not only does this save time, but it also ensures your data is always accurate.

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  • Untitled design (59)-1 Centralised Employee Information

    Appogee HR Software allows you to manage staff records centrally, giving you easy visibility of each staff member and team across the entire organisation.

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  • New Website Icons - 93x93 (3) Leave & Sickness Management

    Appogee HR includes Appogee Leave to provide absence management for your company. Easy to use request and approval system with quick visibility of all absences.

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  • New Website Icons - 93x93 (2) Onboarding Portal

    Provide access to new starters through the Appogee HR Onboarding Portal. Get key profile information, important records, leave requests, access to policies and more.

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  • Untitled design (57)-1 Advanced Performance Management

    Manage the whole end to end employee review process using Appogee HR Success, collate 360 feedback and track your manager and employee self-assessment.

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  • New Website Icons - 93x93 (4) Workflows and Checklists

    Use the workflow automation function to create checklists for your employees and managers. Ensure company procedures are followed with training and reviews done on time.

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  • Untitled design (17)-1 Staff Location Recording

    Check who's working from home & manage office capacity to see who has been in the office for track & trace purposes.

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  • Untitled design (18)-1 Time & Attendance Tracking

    Clock in & Clock out functionality online timesheets to help you track staff working hours across any time period.

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  • Untitled design (64)-1 Project & Activity Time Recording

    Easily see how long activities and projects have taken so you can export data to create meaningful reports.

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  • Untitled design (66)-1 On-Demand Reporting

    Create, filter, save and schedule customisable, accurate, meaningful and up to date reports in an instant. Report on any piece of information that you store on your employees.

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  • Untitled design (67)-1 Customisable

    Configure Appogee HR to reflect the way your company runs HR. Choose the employee data you want to capture through configurable fields and categories.

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  • Untitled design (69)-1 Securely Hosted

    Know your data is secure in Appogee HR. Powered by the Google App Engine with 99.95% uptime SLA, fully DPA compliant and stored in highly secure data centres.

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Appogee HR Software Preview


  • Office 365_rectangle

    Integrate Appogee HR with your Office 365 accounts to benefit from single sign on, Outlook calendar integration, Outlook web app for leave request and more...

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  • Google Workspace formerly G Suite

    Benefit from single sign-on, auto user provisioning, Google Calendar integration, auto out of office settings and more by integrating with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).

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  • Xero Logo_rectangle

    Appogee HR becomes a single employee self-service portal for updating employee personal and banking information for both their HR and Xero payroll systems.

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  • LinkedIn Talent Hub Logo_rectangle

    Appogee HR seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn Talent Hub to ensure you and your candidate have the best experience from the start of the hiring process and throughout your new hire’s full employee lifecycle.

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