Securely track employee time and attendance from wherever your staff are working.

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Employee Time & Attendance

Manage your employee hours easily with time and attendance software. Staff simply clock in and out when they’re working and taking breaks, while also being able to select activities or projects that they’re working on. This helps your managers easily monitor staff working hours to see who's hours are exceeding normal hours and who's not taking breaks, to help monitor signs of over work, stress and burnout.

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Online TImesheets

Using the Time Tracking feature in Appogee Time (included in Appogee HR Success or available as an add-on for Appogee Leave and Appogee HR Essentials) enables you to easily track staff time and attendance online. Set up working rotas with expected working hours and see how this compares with actual hours with the easy to use online timesheets.

If you’re keen on keeping track of staff working hours, check out how Appogee Time can also help with:

Appogee Time is available as a standalone product that includes other features to help you manage your staff from wherever they’re working:

Staff Location Recording
Project & Activity Time Tracking
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Manage office capacity, book areas and zones in offices and record who's working from home with ease. Submit, track and report on time spent on activities and projects across your business.
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Looking for a bit more from your people management solution? Appogee Time is available as an add-on for Appogee Leave Management Software, Appogee HR Essentials for core HR management and is included in Appogee HR Success for advanced HR, with added features like performance management and onboarding.
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