Appogee HR is an online HR management system for records and compliance with a simple company document upload capability. Appogee HR stores employee data, records and company documents such as policies and procedures in the cloud. The application allows you to manage all your information centrally and share it within your organisation.

Appogee HR allows for easy online storage of company documents and comes with controlled security access for employees. Documents can be set with acknowledgments, giving you the reassurance that employees have read important policies or information. Employees can access these documents directly from their own “My HR account”, therefore streamlining the process of sharing information.

A company document can be any of the following types: Files, Links or Notes that can be shared at company level. Company documents can be restricted to teams or roles within the business and are set for users by the Admin role. You may use this for documents such as car parking policy, fire health and safety or company templates like corporate letters or expense forms.