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Online onboarding software for new hires

Engage new joiners right from the moment they are hired with our onboarding portal.

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Preboard your staff with our onboarding portal

With so much time, effort and money going into finding every new hire, it is crucial that you keep them happy and engaged. You want your new employees to stay with your business and the onboarding phase is far more critical than you may think, with stats showing that you are at most risk of losing employees in the first few months.

Appogee HR Success allows you to configure a customised Onboarding Portal for your new employees to allow them to provide certain key information before they join, be kept up to date with welcome messages, meet the team they will be joining, notify you of any upcoming absence and generally keep engaged with the new business they will be starting at. 

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Welcome messages and first day information

The Appogee HR Onboarding Portal provides the opportunity to give specific welcome messages to new starters, whether you use your chosen defaults or personalise these to each employee.

The Company can provide an overall welcome message, with another message coming from HR to focus on the first day key details – where to park, who to ask for etc. The Team Manager can also welcome the new starter via the Onboarding Portal, giving access to ask questions if needed.

A map can show the employee where they will be based or where to head on the first day if this is different from the usual working location. All giving the employee peace of mind that the first day will be a great one and they made the right choice joining your company.

Onboarding portal configuration

Notify leave and sickness in advance

Provide employees with simplified access to book leave and sickness requests before they start with the company. These will still require approval to be taken but creates a system for reporting this prior to joining.

Requests made in the Onboarding Portal will be treated the same as any future request with full approval and audit processes. Giving the early opportunity for absence requests avoids any surprises further down the line, both for the business and new employee.

Leave and sickness advanced booking

Provide key employee profile information

Configure the exact information you want to request from the new joiner before they start. Allowing access to these fields will enable the employee to provide the requested information and for this to feed through into the Appogee HR Employee Profile fields.

Giving the employee access to add their own key details will not only remove the need for duplicate entry and possible errors but also start educating the employee on the HR system you use and start getting them ready to join.

Profile onboarding

Collect important employee records

It might be required to have certain Records before an employee joins. You may wish to request that Right to Work documentation is uploaded to the employee's profile before they join, or that key qualification certificates are gathered before the first day, or request that any relevant forms get added straight to their Appogee HR Profile and Records.

All of these and more can be configured to add to the employee’s Onboarding Portal.

Collect employee records

Meet the team

The Appogee HR Onboarding portal gives new starters optional access to the employees in the teams they will be working with. The joiner can see the profile pictures of who they will be working alongside, as well as some further information about them, their role and time with the company.

Using our “About Me” field, all employees can add a few lines about themselves, whether this is career history focussed or centered around hobbies.  This information is shared with the new employees via the Onboarding Portal so they can really feel at home when they join.

Meet the team onboarding

Provide access to important policies

Provide access to specific policies and documents you want to share with new starters before their first day. If acknowledgments are required for certain policies, these can be requested and tracked through the Onboarding Portal and fed back into Appogee HR for the rest of the employee’s lifecycle.

Company document onboarding

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