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Centralised employee profiles & records

Appogee HR is an HR Management system that provides centralised employee information and completely eliminates the need for paper records. The cloud-based HR solution provides everything you need for employee record management. It is accessible from anywhere on any device helping you adhere with compliance and local legal regulations.

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Employee self-service profiles & records

Employees are entrusted to maintain their own private details, such as address and phone numbers. To do this, they are given personal and secure access to the self service portal. Users can keep their own information up to date as and when their circumstances or personal information change. These details are stored in the same place as employee records such as right to work documents like copies of passports. Appogee HR removes the need for paper filing and lengthy HR admin procedures and gives you easy, fast access to all the information you require in one place.

Employee self service profile

One single source of truth

Whether you are an employee who needs to change some basic information such as mobile number or address, or a manager who requires to check the employment history of a member of staff or prepare for a performance review, you only need to log in into one application.

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