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Track your company, team & personal goals with OKRs

Move your business forward with aligned employee, team and company goals using Objectives and Key Results.

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Align your employees to the company strategy

OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) are fast becoming the best method to ensure that all employees and teams are working towards the same set of directional company objectives. Appogee HR Success includes our Goals module which allows you to set clear OKRs at the company, team & personal level with full visibility of the progress of both the key results and the overall goals (objectives). To find out more about OKRs and the key benefits to your business, download our white paper The End of the Annual Performance Review.

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Transparency, measurement and alignment

With OKRs there's visibility in all directions. Allow employees to see how they fit into the bigger picture while you keep on top of how your employees are contributing to the company goals with key results. Our simple and easy to navigate alignment charts to display how all teams and employees are working together to meet the wider company objectives. You can also check how every goal (objective) is performing through a series of key result metrics feeding into a total goal completion.

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Focus your strategy

Define and share directional company goals (objectives) and clearly defined key results with your employees. Set clear team goals and align with the company objectives to keep teams on track. Create transparency and direction over personal goals with clear alignments to the larger team & company goals.

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Engage your employees

Empower employees by giving full visibility of their own personal goals and how they fit into the company strategy. Check-ins to keep progress up to date and maintain motivation across the workforce. Gain constant feedback on employees through goal-driven shout-outs, designed to promote peer to peer praise and assessment.

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Our Goals module is part of Appogee HR Success. Try us free for 14 days or book a demo with a member of our friendly team.

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