Appogee HR is an online HR Management system which supports both employee record management and human resource procedures. The product allows you to upload employee records for each individual and to hold those alongside their personal and employment information. Looking up and managing employee records is made quick and easy, and has the added advantage of saving space, paper and time.

Records can be whatever you need them to be, whether they are files, links or notes. You can sort them into Categories and Folders, which are all completely customisable so you can organise your HR application to suit your business requirements.

Records can be used to keep information on performance reviews, training courses, doctors notes etc. Anything that is related to the employee can be uploaded straight into Appogee HR using an easy drag and drop feature.

Strict access controls can be applied to employee records and categories to protect personal and sensitive data. They can be set to Hidden, Read, Edit or Edit and Delete access, which can all be defined by the User Role. The ability to upload employee records is controlled by both the Record Category and the assigned User Role.