Appogee HR & Xero Integrations Update: View your payslips in-app

Appogee HR + Xero Integration Update

With our latest update to the Appogee HR and Xero integration you no longer need to download your payslips to your device.

There’s no denying that we all work in order to earn money; after all, money makes the world go around. For a lot of us, how much we earn each pay period is vitally important, with a lot of people checking and their payslips every single time they get paid. If your company uses Xero payroll, you can log into Xero to download your payslips each time, but what if you could view them from a system you’re already using more frequently? 

Our newest update to Appogee HR allows you to do just that. 

Log into the system you already use for your annual leave, clocking in & out, updating your employment details and viewing your company’s policies to take a look at your payslip overview each time you get paid. 

Our automatic update means that pretty much as soon as Payroll has completed their pay run*, you’ll be able to see the details in Appogee HR. The system will present you with your total and net pay for the most recent pay period, along with the specific breakdown of how that amount has been calculated. 

You no longer need to log into Xero and download your payslip to view your pay breakdown. What’s more, Appogee HR will pull through historical documents too, so you’ll be able to see any previous payslips for your entire employment. 

To find out more about the Appogee HR and Xero integration click here.

If you’re keen to start seeing your payslips online, why not start a 14 day free trial of any of our solutions today? Or request a demo with a member of our team. 

*Appogee HR syncs with Xero daily at 12pm


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