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HR + Payroll: How to work together even when your teams are apart

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With the advent of the “new normal” meaning that business are offering up hybrid working (ie working from home part for part of the week, and working in the office for the rest of the week), or even moving fully to remote working, many business leaders are concerned about how teams can work together as productively as before.

This is not just a concern for commercial based roles. Internally, ensuring the people operations side of the business can fully function is arguably the most pressing requirement.

Take finance and HR, for example, who will likely need access to similar information that is up to date, so staff can get paid correctly. Ensuring your payroll teams can access all the data they need, and equally ensuring they don’t have access to anything too sensitive, can mean less need for any in-person discussions. One way you can do this is by introducing an easy to use HR software solution (also known as HRIS or HRMS) which should have appropriate access controls as standard. 

Another key feature an HR software solution can provide for remote teams is employee self-service. This means that all staff members should be able to update their personal details, such as address or bank details in a secure online environment negating the need to transfer this information over email or the telephone to another staff member. Allowing staff the ability to do this means that all employees can take responsibility for their own personal information whilst also providing them with the peace of mind that only the appropriate trusted individuals in your company can access them. 

Being able to provide your payroll team with absence management information, ie any unpaid or statutory sick leave, unpaid holiday or any other kind of absence such as maternity leave, where pay may not be straightforward, may also be a requirement when working remotely. Using easy to set-up and automated reporting systems, which can either email these reports directly to payroll, or even better, sync to your payroll system, is another key benefit HR software solutions can provide to help your teams work together successfully.

Employee data security is really key, so ensuring that your solution can not only provide access control but also that the platform is securely hosted, whilst also being accessible from anywhere, means that your employees will be keen to use your new solution. Therefore, finding an easy to adopt, securely hosted solution with access controls, employee self-service and available payroll integrations is hugely beneficial to your business from wherever your staff are working.

Xero Payroll and Appogee HR

If you use Xero Payroll, and Appogee HR software then we have a free integration that you can use to take advantage of ensuring your teams can still work together even if everyone is working from home. Remove any cause for concern over data accuracy as staff are provided with a single entry point for personal profile data and absence information, and the updates will sync to Xero Payroll.

Are you an Xero Payroll user looking for a new HR software solution? Find out more about our integration here or try us free for 14 days to find out if Appogee HR could work for you.