Returning To The Office: Employee Wellbeing

Returning to work might sound all well and good on paper, but in employees’ minds it creates big mental health hurdles that responsible firms will have to navigate.

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Infographic: Why You Need Absence Management Tech

Using an online solution to manage sick leave, holidays, TOIL and any other kind of employee absence is a requirement for successful digital transformation in HR. Create manager approval workflows in minutes, accurately calculate annual leave allowances and even track [...]

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Returning To The Office: Re-engaging Employees

Firms need to use the technology they have at their disposal to boost engagement wisely.

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Returning To The Office: The Practicalities

The UK Government wants offices open. But how should firms manage the return of their staff to the workplace?

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HR From Anywhere: Advancing Your People Management

A cloud based HR software solution is a must-have to make sure HR can run smoothly throughout each employee’s journey, especially if you have staff working remotely. Ensuring your chosen solution is 100% secure and cloud-based is critical, and it must be easy to use [...]

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HR From Anywhere: Reviewing Employee Performance

Employee performance reviews are something that staff and management teams often dread. They can cause a lot of anxiety for both parties and be seen as somewhat negative, which can mean that the overall review makes everyone feel somewhat deflated. However, they [...]

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Infographic: HR From Home - The Top 6 Must-Haves

What do you need to make sure your employees can successfully work from home? Check out our infographic.

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Returning to the Office? Share your new safety guidelines with employees

As Covid-19 lockdown restrictions start to ease and workplaces reopen businesses need to take responsibility for keeping your employees and customers safe. Whilst the UK Government recommendation is to “make every reasonable effort to enable working from home as a [...]

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HR From Home Blog: Managing Company Policies & Compliance

As the workplace of today has been transitioning, perhaps permanently, to home working it’s never been more important to ensure key company policies and documents are accessible from one easy to access cloud based location. Not only this, but to remain compliant you [...]

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HR From Anywhere: Managing Absence

During long-term periods of remote working, it’s important to still be able to manage all kinds of employee absence; from holiday and PTO, to sick leave and jury service. In this current climate being able to track who is working from home and which employees have [...]

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