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How to manage hybrid working with Appogee HR

Employee location recording

With Hybrid-Working and downsizing office capacity high up on most companies' agendas at the moment, it is important to put a process in place for managing this if you choose to head down this route. Not only do you need to be able to give your employees access to actually “book” themselves into the office on certain days, you also need to have a big picture view on what is happening, where employees are and how much time is being spent between different locations. 

Appogee HR and Appogee Time provides you with a simple way to set up locations and zones, the ability to plan and book into locations to show where you will be working and full visibility of where everyone is at any given time. In addition to the location element, HR and Time also feature clock-in/clock-out functionality, and Time includes intelligent project tracking too.

Creating your own Locations & Zones

Set up as many Locations and Zones as you require to suit your business needs. At the moment, you might wish to create multiple zones within one office space to help with social distancing requirements. 

For each Location or Zone created, you can enter a maximum capacity and choose at which point you want to be alerted that the space is getting full. This can help you to not only manage reducing your office space but also helps to keep employees safe. 

Planning a Location Schedule & Booking in

Appogee HR and Appogee Time gives your employees the ability to plan and confirm where they are working on throughout the week. Every employee can create their own default weekly schedule to reduce daily admin. This can help with planning and working out who intends to be in the office, in a zone or working from home at any time. If your employees need to plan to work with certain colleagues, they can easily schedule this through the application. 

Once a Location has been confirmed for a particular day you will be able to report on this information, track against the capacity figures and allow other employees to clearly see which colleagues will be in which Location or Zone. 

Reporting on Locations & Zones

Once your Locations and Zones have been set up and employees are using the system to track whereabouts they are working, you have all the information you need. Appogee Time provides you with simple, easy to use Location reports that let you know at a high level how many employees are in each Location on each day, with the ability to view details on attendance in each team and exactly which employees. 

This report also alerts you if there are any capacity issues making it a great tool to use if you are choosing to either downsize your office space or implement a strict social distancing policy. 

If you are looking for a way to manage your return to the office in a safe and positive way then please do get in touch with us so we can walk you through exactly what we can offer when it comes to reducing capacity and hybrid working strategies. 

Here's our video demo of these exciting features!

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Our location recording features are now available in Appogee HR Essentials, Appogee Time and Appogee HR Success.

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