Arrivals: Appogee HR V2 update

We are very happy to be announcing the release of Appogee HR version 2. You will notice enhanced features as well as an exciting new integration with Xero Payroll. Once again we have taken on board feedback to shape this release and we welcome any future thoughts through our feature suggestions page.

Please see below some further information on the changes you will see when you next log in.


  • We have updated the look and navigation of checklists to improve user experience.
  • The ability for HR Managers and Team Managers to reassign checklists as well as add, remove and re-sort checklist items on assigned checklists.
  • Team Managers and HR Managers are now able to change the due date or target employees on assigned checklists.
  • Checklists can now be assigned to multiple users and teams at the same time.

Audit and Logging

  • The user experience for audit and event logging has been improved
  • HR Managers are now able to filter on specific audit events when required to make search easier. Please see more information on this here.

Experience Enhancements

  • Changes to the header on the Employee Profile provide quicker and easier access to core information and actions.
  • The MY HR dashboard has changed to provide a better user experience.

Xero Integration

  • Integration available with Xero Payroll (Australian, New Zealand and USA versions. UK- coming soon)
  • The integration allows you to synchronise data between Appogee HR Employee Profiles and Xero Employee Profiles. Please see more information here.

Thank you once again for your feedback and we hope you enjoy the new updates. If you have any questions on the above changes and would like assistance please contact our support team: 


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