Arrivals: Appogee Leave V9 has Launched

Appogee Leave V9 is now live. Thank you for all your feedback that has helped to shape the changes you will see from today. Please see below some further information on these changes.

”Deducted from allowance” “Does not deduct from allowance”
We have updated the “Paid” and “Unpaid” leave terms after receiving customer feedback that these were unclear to some users. The “Deducted from allowance” and “Does not deduct from allowance” make it clear to the user when requesting leave. You will see these changes in the config page and when making a request. (See Leave types for more information)

Half Day Public Holidays
You can now set up half day public holidays within Employment Profiles as well as full days. Please see here how you can create Half Day Public Holidays.

Year at a glance view for managers
Managers are now able to view employee's absence using a year at a glance view, similar to the My Dashboard screen. Please see here for further information.

Carry over holiday debt
Update to carry over, such that employees who exceed their allowance in one year, will see a reduced balance in the following year. Please note: To avoid disruption, we have disabled this feature on existing Employment Profiles. Going forward, for any new Employment Profiles created, this featured will be enabled by default. Please see here on how you can configure this for your users.

Configure allowance exceed amounts
There is now an option to configure how much employees can exceed their allowance by, if any. Please note: to avoid disruption to existing Employment Profiles, we have pre-set this value to 365 days (ie the maximum for any given year). Going forward, for any new Employment Profiles created, this value will be set to zero. Please see here how to configure this setting.

Company Wide Google Team Calendars
You can now create a Google Team Calendar to which all requests can be synchronised. Please see this article on how to enable this.

Office 365 Calendar Sync
The Office 365 integration now also allows you to automatically pull through requested leave from Appogee Leave into your Office 365 Calendar. Please see more information on the updated integration here.

Finally, as the Appogee HR business has increased and we have developed more products, we have decided to set up our HR cloud solutions business as an independent provider. The new company is called Appogee HR Limited and the assets, customer contracts, obligations and staff related to our Appogee HR and Appogee Leave products have been transferred in the new business. The company remains in the same ownership as Ancoris Limited and there are no changes to staffing or support arrangements. The new structure will enable us to push forward with more investment and a clear focus on improving and expanding our cloud HR solutions.

If you have anymore suggestions on what you would like to see in future releases, please either vote for a current feature suggestion or submit your own here.


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