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Press Release: Appogee HR going from strength to strength


Appogee HR are proud to announce they’ve finished 2019 with a 94% renewal rate and a customer satisfaction rating of 89%. This proves their customers are happier than ever with their chosen HR management system (HRMS)

Charlotte Brown, Business Operations Manager, commented “We’ve had some really fantastic feedback from our customers on the improvements to our HR software products. The enhancements we’ve made has meant our customers are better able to succeed with their people management strategy which is great to hear.” 

“This year we were also proud to add applicant tracking systems such as LinkedIn Talent Hub to our integration portfolio, which already includes G Suite, Office 365, Xero and more. With this full suite of integrations, we’ve improved HR management for our customers throughout the employee lifecycle, as well as enhancing our section on employee performance to provide companies with an innovative way to track individual and team performance.”

Additions to their HRMS include creating a review workflow, feedback and “Shout-out” sections added to their performance management module, providing customers with the ability to run a seamless employee review process. Other additions include a fully functioning onboarding portal to help customers successfully onboard new employees. 

These valuable improvements in the Appogee HR solution are providing customers with a leading advantage in engaging their employees and empowering their managers. By allowing their customers to enhance their employee experience, they are providing them with a way to retain their top talent providing each customer with their own distinct competitive advantage. 

Their absence management solution, Appogee Leave, has also seen some valuable improvements. Unlimited PTO is one of the new features now available as an option alongside updates to the user experience with new icons making the software even easier to use and adopt within organisations. 

The launch of the standalone performance management product Appogee Goals product in April 2019 marked a significant step forward also. The ability to support the favourite performance management framework of the Silicon Valley tech companies, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) has propelled Appogee HR’s people management expertise. Appogee Goals is also available as part of the full-service HRMS product, Appogee HR Success.

Charlotte also commented excitedly on the future roadmap “We have so many plans for the product too, and we’re very keen to be able to keep moving our solutions forward, making them even more beneficial to customers in the future, so watch this space for even more announcements in 2020!”

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