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HR software integrations: 3 no-fail reasons to invest in your business

How HR functions are carried out is rapidly changing. By 2025 many administrative jobs will be somewhat lost to AI (artificial intelligence) and automation tools.

HR teams spend lots of time jumping in and out of systems and wasting valuable time that could be spent elsewhere. Data integration aligns technology with HR processes.

Investing in cloud HR software integrations can mitigate the ever-changing HR demands and improve productivity.

If you think your HR team is already efficient and productive, then read on and we will change your mind. Learn more about data integration and how it can improve the operational performance of your whole business.

What is HR data integration?

HR software talks to other systems your business uses. It combines data from various sources to give HR teams a single, collaborative view on a secure platform.

The three main categories of data integration are:

  1. Integration within functional areas. HR, finance, and sales information are combined to give business insights into performance and strategic targets.
  2. Block data transfer between systems. For example, transferring batch employee data to a Learning Management System (LMS).
  3. Transactional integration. Transfer records individually, in real-time, such as applicant tracking. 

HR functions are huge and in fact, quite complex. HR leaders are responsible for recording, monitoring, and evaluating employee data. HR software integrations can track progress, successes, and areas for development–all critical functions.

HR data integrations connect people data using a centralised location. They help HR departments make solid data-driven decisions and reduce repetitive tasks.

How can HR software integrations help your business?

HR digital solutions fully depend upon accurate data being fed in, but many businesses have information from disparate sources.

Add on the fact that poor-quality data result in businesses losing on average around £14.5m per year, investing in a powerful HR solution such as Appogee HR Success makes your organisation both efficient and profitable.

"Since implementing Appogee HR it's made us more efficient and has forced us to look into other areas to make a similar improvement. It has proved invaluable to our business - and has allowed us to have a clear picture of what's going on in HR" –Steve Needham, Finance Manager of The Workplace Depot

Let's take a deeper dive into the three main areas of how HR integrations can maximise efficiency and security for your business.

1. Productivity integrations

HR software integrations provide a seamless way of linking data from existing platforms. 

Manual data entry, for example, is time-consuming and repetitive, negatively impacting the well-being of employees. It can also make them miserable, demoralised, and desperate to leave resulting in higher recruitment costs. Multitasking lowers productivity by 40% and employees are more likely to make a mistake. Employees with greater job satisfaction are engaged and more productive.


Fewer distractions in the workplace allow time for more focused work. According to the Association for Psychological Science, the slightest of distractions can cause employees to take a longer time to complete tasks–and have a knock-on effect on the quality of their work. 

Only 10% of HR and business executives say their organisations have a skills database with profiles for all employees. Productivity integrations such as Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 allow you to join the dots together. Gather the information you need all in one place by having easy, available, and fast connections between data stores–decreasing the risk of human error. Productivity integrations develop a learning culture and capitalize on emerging trends.

“The price is an absolute no-brainer, the money we have saved in employee time since implementing Appogee HR far outweighs the cost!” – Matt Roche, Management Accountant at Yappy

Import and export data from one area to another seamlessly by cross-referencing information on reports and using this to support strategic decision-making and pattern spotting.

There’s no doubt that high productivity gives businesses a competitive advantage. Create a better work environment that increases productivity and is less mundane for employees.

2. Payroll integration

The average business uses three to four separate systems to perform its HR and payroll functions.

Wrong information results in inaccurate and late salary payments and even needless overpayments, all of which increase costs and create employee mistrust–negatively impacting workforce morale.

An integrated HR and payroll solution makes it easier for businesses to ensure they are complying with the latest employment and payroll legislation, such as the National Minimum Wage or Working Time Directive without any additional administration. 

HR payroll integrations, such as Xero integration, automatically pull data for reporting requirements and flag any areas where non-compliance is detected. This not only helps to save precious time but also reduces the risk of facing hefty financial penalties for non-compliance.

Appogee HR integration


HR software integrations seamlessly update fields between products, synching data and improving processing time. 

Update employees' personal and banking information for both HR and Xero payroll systems–have a single portal for both employees and HR teams.

3. Applicant tracking system integration

An applicant tracking system (ATS)  is a type of software that HR teams and recruiters use during the hiring process to filter and screen candidates for job positions. 

Hiring new talent is one of the most critical investments any organisation can make. Getting it wrong leads to unnecessary actions to reallocate people and resources, invest in further training, or the serious instances, dismissal. It costs money to hire employees and to replace them–with the cost of individual hire estimated at around £3,500.

An ATS can streamline the whole recruitment. When it comes to onboarding, the data speaks for itself:

  1. HR believes they lack the resources to properly handle the entire onboarding process. Some 39% of HR teams report they don’t have the right technology to reduce administrative error, ensure consistency, and improve accountability. 
  2. Some 30% of HR managers say they intend to increase their onboarding budget with investments in new software as one of their target areas.
  3. More than a third say insufficient technology is the cause for their inability to automate and make their onboarding programs more efficient.

A first-in-class integrated ATS from Appogee HR can kick-start your seamless employee lifecycle. Automate repetitive tasks such as CV matching and shortlisting by contacting mass candidates and informing them about the next step in the selection process. 

Showcase better collaboration between employees and managers. Provide a better experience for new employees and improve employee retention rates:


Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integrations such as LinkedIn Talent Hub, Greenhouse, and Teamtailor provide real-time business insights, intelligence, and analytics. 

Help your organisation make the right business decisions by creating pre-screening questions, candidate scorecards, and more. Choose the best fit, and build success for your business and your new hire.

It all starts with an integrated HR system!

Most HR functions are manual and routine tasks that can be automated. Investing in an HR software integration tool for your business will save valuable time. 

Having a HR software integration tool at your fingertips gives you an easy-to-use interface that may help you find better candidates faster–streamlining your whole process and saving valuable time.

Avoid missing information, delayed start dates, and applicants who end up voting with their feet from the job because the process took too long.

Appogee HR software is the perfect place to start if you’re looking to transition to HR digitalisation tools and improve business efficiency. Request a demo here or try our software free for 14 days.

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