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5 Reasons to Move Your HR to the Cloud

Cloud computing has become a term heard frequently in the business world. With transformational changes encouraged in all departments, moving your business processes online is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Whilst there are many functional positives for the whole company, HR can see real benefits from the outset. Daily tasks such as managing absences, tackling performance reviews and keeping training up to date right through to HR Reporting can be done in a few clicks when you move to an online HR System. So what are the 5 key reasons to move your HR to the cloud?

1. Go Paperless

When you move your HR to the cloud there is no need for paper files, paper copies of documents and employee information on forms. Everything you need to keep about your workforce can be stored in one safe location. Share policies and procedures amongst your workers without the need for physical documents and acknowledge in just a few clicks.

Removing paper and folder systems from the HR department reduces the risk of its damage or loss. Holding employee records in one location removes the chance of any inaccuracy through the duplication of data. If your data is held in a cloud HR solution you will have peace of mind that all the information you need is backed up, easy to access and, most of all, it is secure.

2. Compliance

Ever been caught out being asked for right to work documentation for one of your employees? You can be ready with the right information at the right time. No matter what information you require, you are able to access it in a just a few clicks. All employee data can be organised in a single location without the need for separate filing systems.

Moving to a new online HR system can be the perfect time to check that you have the most up to date and relevant information about your staff. Mitigate any concerns you have when it comes to compliance and be confident that you are using a single solution for all your HR requirements and make company document management easier.

3. Access Anywhere, Anytime

One of the biggest reasons to move your HR department to the cloud is the ease of access to data at any time from anywhere. Being able to use any device to check up on key information or run a crucial report from wherever you are in the world is important to support your organisation in the modern, fast-paced, business world.

Access to your HR system does not need to stop with the Managers and Administrators, employees can be given self-service access to their own information. Allow your staff to keep their information up to date as their circumstances change. If they move house, want to submit a leave request or need to update bank details, this can be done instantly by them without the requirement to contact their Manager or HR department. This helps to improve the accuracy of the data you hold and reduces the demands on your valuable HR resources required to make these updates.

4. Increase Business Productivity

To grow any business you need to ensure that each employee is as productive as possible at all times. It can be increasingly difficult to complete necessary tasks within the working day and important HR processes can often be delayed or put on hold. Your HR department's time can be especially precious and spending time managing onboarding/offboarding, checking employee information, absence tracking and performance review schedules can be better spent.

Time taken on these tasks significantly reduces when you move to an online HR solution. Employee self-service removes lengthy HR processes for updating basic employee information, allow your users to make changes as and when they need to and empower them to own aspects of their own profiles. The option to update when it changes will ensure you have a more accurate and up to date system at all times.

Cloud HR software allows you to automate many of your processes to save valuable time for more important company-wide objectives, such as improving customer satisfaction or business growth. Set up processes and using checklists ensure consistent procedures for activities such as performance reviews and disciplinaries are adhered to and management can track the progress of these with ease.

5. Reduce Absence

An online HR system with an absence management solution can give the whole company a consistent view on their leave allowance as well as who else is off at any given time. Employees are able to make leave, sickness and potentially submit time off in lieu (compensation time) requests, whilst also checking their allowance and balances for the year. Requests can be approved or rejected by managers in just a few clicks having been given all the information they need to make an informed decision.

Team calendars show who else in their team is off and enable decisions to be made regarding covering workloads. All users can be confident the information is consistent and up to date within a single system. With such visibility across the company, employees are discouraged from taking unnecessary unplanned absences and many find this significantly reduces after implementing a company-wide system.

Transforming your HR, and moving your employee records and processes to the cloud, is essential in order to keep up with modern business trends. You will end up keeping your records more accurate, accessible and safe, whilst saving valuable time to spend on other business imperatives.

You can try out Appogee HR for your business on a 14 day free trial, alternatively, book a demo with our friendly team today.

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