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Employee records management in the cloud

More and more companies are moving employee records management into the cloud in order to ensure controlled compliance across staff information. Whilst pressure is building for companies to invest both time and money to ensure they are compliant with the growing number of rules and regulations, they also need to remain flexible enough to adapt. Managing all employee records from a central location, with secure access across the business is essential.

With remote working becoming more prominent, it is just as important for HR to function from multiple locations as it is day-to-day business. Companies are needing to adapt to enable employees to update personal information and have access to records on the move. By moving the cloud technology your employees are used to, into the workplace you can create a familiar and exciting environment leading to a happy workforce. Transforming your HR department by using online HR solutions will empower your line managers and employees, whilst keeping control over secure data, regulations and compliance.

Employee self-service allows staff to manage their own personal information without the need to request changes through HR. The ability for individuals to update information as and when it changes ensures that information across the business is kept up-to-date and accurate. Allowing employees to have control over certain fields enables HR access to instant, real-time information whilst ensuring best practice is adhered to. By removing the 'update personal information' process from HR, you free up extra time to be spent on other, more productive tasks, whilst giving employees control over their own records.

Storing employee records and managing data in the cloud removes the need for paper forms, files, and filing cabinets. All information and records are stored in one location, with controlled access and no chance of losing data. Personal details, Right to Work documents, Performance reviews, Training records, and more are all kept under each employee's records for easy reference. Highly configurable access levels and security settings give peace of mind that employee data is kept secure, whilst staying accessible to authorised users.

Give your managers and employees 24 hour access to HR records, whilst allowing for automation of HR workflows and checklists. This, alongside employee self service, frees up HR resources to work on strategic planning and more productive tasks to improve relations. 

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