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Using Appogee HR to Support Remote Working

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As a cloud-based HR software solution, Appogee HR is ideal to support employees and managers to work from home. With many businesses choosing to allow employees to work away from the office, it is important to have the technology to support this and HR software is no different.

We have put together some useful tips on how you can use Appogee HR software to aid your employees in working from home. 

Track and report on remote working

Being able to see who is going to be working remotely is essential to allow your business to run successfully when employees are not in the same location. In some cases, you may even need to implement an approval process, so you can control when someone is allowed to work from home and when you would rather they were present in the office. 

Plan and report on where your employees are working for easy office capacity management and work-from-home tracking. Easily manage hybrid working by planning which days staff are in the office and which days they're working from home, including bookable office areas and zones. Are you downsizing your office or is your company growing? You can allow your staff to book time in the office so you can report on capacity management with ease with Appogee HR and Appogee Time and get a feel for how much realestate you actually need.

Full Access for Employees

If you do allow employees to work remotely, then there is no reason day to day tasks need to be put on hold. With access to Appogee HR from anywhere on any device, employees can continue to access and update their Employee Profiles, Records, Company Documents as well as being able to complete processes such as Performance Reviews and updating Goals.

Full Access for Employees

The HR function remains unaffected

Regardless of whether the whole business is working from home or just a few individuals, the HR role can continue as normal. If a new policy needs rolling out and acknowledging this can be actioned without delay and monitored as employees action the request. With continued full access to Appogee HR, Performance Reviews can still happen, Reports can be run, Employee Records updated and new starters can even be added to the system and given access to the Onboarding Portal provided.

HR Function remains unaffected

Stay up to date

Keep in the loop with employee updates and changes by enabling Notifications. These can allow you to keep track of any changes employees make within the system and any significant dates which occur. No more hassling people to ask if they’ve updated their records, you can easily know with an email or in-app notification, especially handy if they’re not in the office to talk to!

Stay up to date

All in all, if your business does allow for remote working, using Appogee HR alongside other cloud-based business solutions can help to support productivity and keep your HR processes running smoothly.

Why not put our remote working and HR software to the test? We offer a 14-day free trial and our friendly experts can provide you with a personalised demonstration.

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