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Infographic: 6 Top Tips To Make Hybrid Working Work For You

According to CIPD 86% of employees now want more flexibility to work where they choose in a hybrid working model (part time in the office and part time from home) However, many businesses are unsure exactly what they need to do to make hybrid working a reality in their business. If you're in need of a few tips to get started, check out our 6 top tips in the infographic below!

Hybrid Working Infographic New brand

1. Empower your staff

Empower your managers and employees to make decisions about where they should work to ensure everyone is getting the benefits out of office and home working environments.

2. Be Flexible In Your Strategy

Providing flexibility in your hybrid working strategy is a must. Allowing your teams to decide when they should be in the office fosters a culture of engagement & trust.

3. Communication Is Key

Create new hybrid working policies and ensure that staff have easy access to review them so all employees understand exactly what's expected of them.

4. Make Office Time More Valuable

Plan and monitor your teams in-office days in advance to ensure staff are face to face for team meetings, brainstorming sessions and 121's. Make sure you can also manage your office capacity to ensure everyone gets a desk.

5. Evaluate Staff Performance Consistently

Creating a process around performance can help you effectively and fairly monitor the output and progress of all of your employees. Consider 360 feedback and employee self-assessment as part of your evalution.

6. Invest In The Best Digital Tools

Enabling a hybrid working strategy means ensuring your staff can work from anywhere. By investing in self-service HR software that can manage performance, office capacity, company policies and more.

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