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The Secure way to Support IT & Finance Access to your HR Management System

Securing access to sensitive employee data is one of the key concerns when it comes to storing employee information and records. Flexibility and security around access and roles are essential to any HR system. Whilst it is important to restrict access, it is also crucial to allow some other staff roles to have limited access to data relevant to their day to day job.

Appogee HR supports multiple staff roles to allow your business to run smoothly, with secure access to information needed by different roles within the company. In addition to the required Appogee HR functional roles (HR Manager, Team Manager, User, Admin) we now also support optional staff roles; Payroll Admin, HR Assistant, and IT Manager. These roles allow you to grant access to key role-based information whilst not exposing other sensitive employee data.

The Optional Staff Access Roles


IT Manager

IT Managers may need to keep track of assets assigned to employees across the business, such as laptops, phones or other devices. Having the configurable IT Manager staff role allows you to ensure access to the information they need to do their day to day role but restrict access to any other employee information.

Use Cases:

“As an IT Manager, I can record details of laptops which I give to new employees, without having access to other confidential information about that employee”

“As an IT Manager, I am able to run quick and simple reports to tell me which employees have been assigned which devices. I don’t have access to other sensitive employee information within the HR system.”

“As an IT Manager, I am immediately notified when there is a new starter and work through an onboarding checklist setting up their email, system logins and providing devices such as laptops and phones”


Payroll Admin

It is crucial for Payroll to have access to some employee information, such as bank details and sickness. Customers can now enable the Payroll staff role to provide access to this information, but restrict access to the rest of the employee profile.

Use Cases:

“As a payroll manager, I can only see an employees bank details in Appogee HR, however, this is great because when a new employee joins I can set up their bank details in payroll straightaway.“

“As a payroll manager when an employee changes their bank details I’m notified immediately so that I can update our payroll system.”

“As a payroll manager, I have clear visibility over unpaid leave & sickness counts to allow me to process payroll correctly, without having access to more personal employee information.”


HR Assistant

As an HR Manager, you need to have full edit access to all employee information, but the same may not be the case for all HR Assistants. Provide controlled access to some employee information to allow better process within the HR team, without giving the full access rights the HR Manager has.

Use Cases:

“As an HR assistant, I can view employee contract information, without having access to more sensitive data such as appraisals and grievances.“

“As an HR assistant, I can run reports to tell me how many days off through sickness an employee has had this year, without having access to more personal employee information.”

“As an HR Assistant, I am able to update training records without seeing private information, like employee grievances.“


The ability to configure these staff roles with the specific access you require, make them invaluable to your businesses when integrating your HR system into everyday working life. Save time, improve security and make your HR system an essential part of your company.


For more information on these roles or to schedule a demo, please get in touch with us at support@appogeehr.com.