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Getting the most out of the Appogee HR Onboarding Portal

Not too long ago we launched the Onboarding Portal, meaning you can now start your employee in Appogee HR from the point of job offer. The Portal will give the new hire a chance to provide you with important information and give HR Managers the peace of mind that processes have been followed correctly. What’s more, improved onboarding has been suggested to increase employee retention by 82%, so here are our top tips for getting the most out of the Onboarding Portal.


Define an Onboarding Process

All companies will follow some kind of new starter process, formal or not. There’s specific information and processes to follow in order to put a new employee on your books, but often the process isn’t clearly defined and can add delay. Defining an onboarding process that is simple for everyone to follow, will mean your new starter will experience the smoothest transition from the day you send out that offer letter. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! Within Appogee HR you can set up checklist templates which can be auto assigned in line with the Employee’s onboarding journey. This will allow you to ensure you’re following the same process with all your new starters as well as giving them access to the Onboarding Portal.


Configure ahead of time

You don’t need to have a new starter in the pipeline to set up your Onboarding Portal. HR Managers will undoubtedly be busy during the hire of a new employee, so it’s a good idea to get the Portal set up and configured ahead of time. You can add in the default company messages, set up the Employee Profile fields and set up record requests and Company Document acknowledgements all in advance of hiring a new employee. Head to Process Config > Onboarding Portal and work through each section to set up a default template. You can always change this information on the fly for a specific new starter.



Make it friendly

When adding a new starter into Appogee HR, you have the option to configure the default welcome message to something a little more personalised. Add in a message specifically for them to really make them feel valued as a new starter. Their manager will also be reminded to send out a customised welcome message too, adding to the employee’s onboarding experience. Ask your current employees to update their About Me section of their Personal Profile to act as a way of introducing themselves to the new starter. Teams can be shared on the Onboarding Portal, and the new employee can update their info too, as a way of breaking the ice before the big day!


Pre-book leave

Give your new starter the opportunity to let you know about any planned absences by switching on the pre-book leave function. They may feel a little awkward asking their team manager that they want a holiday before they’ve even started, so this way you can alleviate some of that stress from them, as well as being able to plan the team’s workload in advance. It doesn’t have to be used just for holidays either, any leave or sickness type you have set up in Appogee HR can be used in the Onboarding Portal, so even if your new starter has a doctor’s appointment coming up, they’d still be able to tell you.

Following these steps will enable you to create a seamless onboarding journey for new starters and take the stress out of the process for all involved. Getting the Onboarding Portal setup prior to starting your hiring will help speed up the process too.