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XU Magazine: The Power of Partnerships - Interview with Archangel Accounting

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How HR Tech is helping Archangel Accounting Support Their Clients through remote working & beyond


Appogee HR's Interview with Julia Jones of Archangel Accounting

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There is no doubt that partnerships are really beneficial to businesses and their clients, as we navigate through tricky times. Finding these mutually beneficial business relationships can really help companies embrace hybrid working, payroll issues and people management admin for a brighter future. Find out more about partnering with Appogee HR at www.appogeehr.com/become-a-partner

Read The Full Article – on pages 64 & 65 https://xumagazine.com/issues/issue-26 or hit this link for the article directly https://www.xumagazine.com/news/q-a-the-power-of-partnerships