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Integrating your HR Software with Office 365: The combination you can’t do without

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Improving productivity on mundane, but necessary, HR admin is the ‘holy grail’ of businesses worldwide. Being able to save valuable time leaves company executives and managers better able to focus on what’s important to business success; namely their jobs. Software integrations is one way to help reduce admin and paperwork and integrating your HRMS with Office 365 is no exception.

Sync Leave Requests to Your Office 365 Calendar

Using HR software to manage leave requests is a failsafe way to track all kinds of absences from annual leave to sick leave and more. When requests have been approved in your HR Software, the right HRMS will automatically add the leave request into the right calendar. This means no more forgetting to add holiday into calendars ensuring you know who’s off. By requesting time off within a leave management solution that enables an Office 365 integration, you can ensure that you have the right cover when you need it.

Reduce password issues with Single Sign-On

Having multiple passwords for your HR Software and Office 365 might seem like the best way to remain secure. However, did you know that single sign-on (the ability to securely authenticate with multiple applications and/or websites by logging in only once) reduces the risk of staff writing down multiple passwords or creating weak ones to help them remember different sign-on information. This also ensures your IT department aren’t hounded by multiple requests for changes in passwords.

Importing your employee data into your HRMS

With an HRMS and Office 365 integration, you can also import all of your Office 365 users into your HR software. This reduces the need for manual admin from your IT department and ensures the information in the software is completely accurate.

Outlook Add-In for Leave Management

At Appogee HR we offer an additional benefit for your HRMS and Office 365 integration which is the Appogee Leave Office 365 Outlook Add-In. This completely free web app gives you access to functionality accessible from within your Microsoft Outlook inbox. You can approve different types of leave requests, check what leave staff have remaining and track approvals all without having to open your Appogee Leave application. To find out more about this, feel free to contact us.

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