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Greenhouse + Appogee HR 

Integrate Greenhouse (ATS) with Appogee HR to seamlessly onboard your new hire.

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HR and ATS lntegration

Appogee HR Software seamlessly integrates with the Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to ensure you can seamlessly move your new starter into Appogee HR form Greenhouse. The hassle-free, 100% secure data transfer means you don't need to waste time on manual data entry  and can instead focus on onboarding your employee.

The Greenhouse integration is available as part of Appogee HR Essentials and Appogee HR Success. Check out more information on what's included in these products via our Pricing Page.

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Seamlessly Kick Off Onboarding

Give your new hire access to our Onboarding Portal before they start, to kick off their employee journey leaving you fully prepared and stress free for their first day, giving you more time to focus on giving your candidate the best experience.

Easy to Use & Integrate

You will love how easy it is to set up the integration, while your new hire can enjoy our easy to use interface. Give them access to key features and company documents, that you control throughout their journey. With Appogee HR, you're in control.

Save Valuable Time

Using automation can save you time on manual data entry, giving you more time onboarding your new employee while sensitive information on your new employee appears in your HRMS via the reliable integration.

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