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    Supercharge internal communications with the Company Newsfeed

    Connect your employees by sharing the latest company news and initiatives, and give your employees the power to post, comment on, and like all internal communication.

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    Let employee communications and engagement flow

    By having one central place of communication you can keep track of all employee engagement across your company news. Share news about company policies, strategies, or social events. Encourage your employees to share content with their colleagues and build a sense of community.

    Let employee communications flow

    What are the key benefits of employee communication?

    Employee communication is key to developing trust and directly impacts employee engagement. It helps inform company culture and encourages innovation. Employees who feel connected to the company and to each other are far more engaged and ultimately contribute higher levels of performance.

    Happy employee

    Categorise your Company Newsfeed your way

    The Company Newsfeed included as part of Appogee HR Success allows you to share posts about your organisation with your employees. It’s fully customisable so you can edit or remove default Categories, as well as set up new categories to suit your needs.

    Custom news categories

    Examples of the Company Newsfeed

    This image shows just a few examples of the kind of posts on the Company Newsfeed. Organise a 5-aside football league or provide feedback on your annual employee survey.

    Examples of newsfeed posts

    Shine a light on employee recognition

    Recognition at work has a direct impact on employee motivation and workplace happiness, so why not give employees the recognition they deserve? A newsfeed is a great place to publicly praise your employees for a job well done. Encourage a culture that celebrates successes and builds team morale.

    shine a light on employee recognition

    Secure company-wide internal comms

    Take control of who can create, comment on, and like posts. You have the power to implement the relevant security access before switching the Newsfeed on for your employees. You have the added peace of mind to disable comments if necessary, as well as remove posts altogether.

    Security newsfeed

    See our Company Newsfeed in action in our video demo!

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    The Company Newsfeed is included in Appogee HR Success. Get started today with your 14 day free trial or why not book a demo with a member of our team?

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