HR Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Appogee HR is an online HR management system (HRMS) supporting employee self service for input of personal data. This improves the accuracy of employee information by allowing users to keep their own employee profile up to date.

When a new employee join the company and has been given access to the platform, they can enter all the necessary information directly into the platform without the need for forms, paper or extra admin. Furthermore, employees are able to amend their own information as and when needed. Basic changes such as change of address or telephone numbers are a quick and simple procedure. This means the employee profile is kept up to date at all times without requiring any intervention or input from HR or management.

All the profile fields are customisable and protected with high security access levels. You can give your employees as much freedom to update their own profile as you wish. Notifications can be set against these fields. For example, if a user updates their bank details , a notification is sent to the relevant person in finance so they can amend payroll.

Allowing your employees to update personal information not only ensures that the data is kept accurate and consistent, but also reduces HR time spent on basic administration.